Value Added catalogs

Title Description Bibcode Catalog refs
LAMOST Observations in the Kepler Field. II. Database of the Low-resolution Spectra from the Five-year Regular Survey We have derived atmospheric parameters (logg,Teff and[Fe/H]) and heliocentric radial velocity (RV) for 173 971 spectra of 126 172 stars from the LAMOST-Kelpler project. 76 283 targets are observed both by LAMOST and Kepler telescopes, which corresponds to a fraction of about 40% stars with Kepler photometry. 2018aadf81 Download Weikai Zong, Jian-Ning Fu, et al., ApJS,2018,238,30Z 2018ApJS.238.30Z
Abundance Estimates for 16 Elements in 6 Million Stars from LAMOST DR5 Low-Resolution Spectra Stellar parameters and elemental abundances (C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ba) derived with the data-driven Payne (DD-Payne) for 6 million stars from LAMOST DR5 low-resolution spectra. 2019ApJS..245...34X DDPayne_recommend.fits DDPayne_supplement_scaleAPOGEE.fits.gz DDPayne_supplement_scaleGALAHDR2.fits.gz Maosheng Xiang, Yuan-Sen Ting, et al., ApJS,245,34X 2019ApJS.245.34X
Measure the distance and extinction for stars in LAMOST survey with Bayesian method Distance and extinction measurement for LAMOST DR5 data set using the method of Wang et al. (2016, MNRAS, 456, 672) 2016MNRAS.456..672W Download ReadMe Wang, Jianling; Shi, Jianrong, et al., MNRAS,2016, 456,672 2016MNRAS.456.672W
Value-added Catalogs of M-type Stars in LAMOST DR5 The complete catalogs of M giant and M dwarf stars from LAMOST DR5, including 39 796 M gaints and 501 152 M dwarfs. The contamination rate are about 4.6% for M giants and 0.48% for M dwarfs. 2019ApJS.244..8Z Download ReadMe Zhong, Jing; Li, Jing, et al., ApJS,2019, 244,8Z 2019ApJS.244..8Z
Exploring open cluster properties with Gaia and LAMOST The properties catalog of 295 open clusters and the spectroscopic parameters catalog of 8811 member stars. arxiv2006.06929 Download Jing Zhong; Li Chen, et al.,2020,accepted arxiv2006.06929